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Fuel and Fire

2022 Football Season Is Here.

It’s football season, complete with Friday night lights, incredible autumn evenings, gathering fans, and all the hype and hoopla in between.

Coach Brian Staub, entering his fifth year of coaching at Point Boro, is ready to lead the Panthers to another winning season.

After the loss against Haddonfield at Rutgers last year, Coach Staub was asked how he moves on from that? He was quick to answer, “Fuel and fire. Its going to fuel our off season and how we play this year is how we are going to honor last year’s seniors.”

Will “Fuel and Fire” be the mantra for the 2022 season? It sure seems like it, with the incoming Panther team ready to give it everything they've got.

During the off season, they have attacked the weight room with unmatched intensity and are taking that momentum to the field. Fueled for success, the fire is lit, and they are prepared to go all the way.

We kick-off the 2022 season with our first, much-anticipated scrimmage on Saturday and the Black & Gold barbeque to immediately follow. We can’t wait to see you all there!

Want to learn more about what Coach Staub thinks about the season ahead. Check out the ACCUCARE 2022 football preview show from July 21.

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